STABILO_EASYstart_Logo_300Ergonomic mechanical pencil – for left- and right handers

More advanced children aged 8 and over who are developing their writing skills can choose the STABILO EASYergo mechanical pencil with a thinner 1.4 mm lead. As individual expression becomes ever more important at this age, stylish color combinations make this an easy choice – and makes practicing writing a pleasure.

  • piktos_EASYergo1_4Innovative, ergonomic mechanical pencil.
  • Special versions for left- and right handers.
  • Special for more advanced children learning to write
  • Relaxed hold to prevent premature muscle fatique
  • Longer gripzone from non-slip material
  • Cushioned tip
  • Break-proof – even for high writing pressure.
  • Sharpening not necessary
  • With space for a name tag.
  • Easily refillable – lead remains easily removable.
  • HB lead with 1.4 mm diameter.
  • Available in 4 new color combinations.

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