STABILO_EASYstart_Logo_300Ergonomic colored pencil – for left and right handers

Thanks to the triangular shape and non-slip grip moulds,
pre-school children and school children from 5 years of age
can intuitively find the correct hand posture. The fingers on
the writing hand stay relaxed even when drawing intensively.

  • piktos_EASYcolorsThe first ergonomic colored pencil especially for left or right-handers.
  • The first ergonomic colored pencil especially for left or right-handers.
  • With a space for inscribing the name.
  • Wood from responsibly managed forests.
  • Lead diameter 4.2 mm.
  • Available in 12 brillant colors.

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Ergonomic evaluation of STABILO EASYcolors

Performed by Prof. Dr. Ralph Bruder
Director of the Institute for Ergonomics/Technical University of Darmstadt

Ergonomic wooden pencil with grip moulds in right and left-handed versions
The STABILO Easycolors colored pencil and the STABILO Easygraph pencil have been developed for the ergonomic STABILO EASY product range, which already features a rollerball and learner mechanical pencil. The new products are triangular wooden pencils with special grip moulds, available in versions for left and right-handers.
At a young age, writing habits can still be influenced by the use of a suitable writing instrument. It is therefore very important that the design of the product is oriented to children’s physical attributes, abilities and skills. Through studies with children and young people carried out by the Institute of Ergonomics at the Technical University of Darmstadt, the ergonomic design quality was also evaluated in comparison to other brands of colored pencil. Regarding their suitability for children’s hands, varying depths of grip moulds were evaluated. In addition, the new pencil was tested by experts from the fields of ergonomics, psychology and medicine. Acceptance by children and parents was also examined.

Ergonomically-positive design characteristics:
The shape, arrangement and dimensions of the grip moulds on the STABILO EASYcolors make it easy to find a natural hold for the pencil. Pre-school children in particular are still trying different holds out. Thanks to the non-slip grip moulds on the STABILO EASYcolors, an optimal pencil hold – also for writing – can be encouraged as the child tries out the pencil.

The availability of versions for left and right-handers is a further advantage that the STABILO EASYcolor has over pencils from other manufacturers.

The established positive ergonomic features of the EASY family have been successfully transferred to the new STABILO EASYcolors and Easygraph triangular pencils.

Also, when compared to colored pencils from other manufacturers, the new STABILO EASYcolors colored pencil meets with a good level of acceptance – a success factor not to be underestimated. After all, a well-liked pencil gets used enthusiastically!

In a word:
• From a scientific point of view, STABILO EASYcolors provides pre-school children with ideal support.
• When put to the test, STABILO EASYcolors performs better than the competition. Why? There is one version each for left and right-handers, along with ergonomic grip moulds, which give children’s hand something to hold on to.

• As a scientist, I don’t hesitate to recommend STABILO EASYcolors. Parents make an excellent choice with this pencil, giving their children a great start to their school career!