10 Ground Rules for Learning to Write

  1. Practice and frequent repetition is not enough to learn how to write.
  2. Learning to write is the development of effective motor skills.
  3. Tracing slowly is not writing. Continuous, excessive monitoring of form hinders the progress of efficient motor skills.
  4. Accurate script is only the beginning. The exercises must be accelerated, performed, and automated as soon as possible.
  5. The learning process is different for everyone and stems from practicing various exercises.
  6. Trial and error is necessary for learning motor skills. One must fall to learn how to run.
  7. An ergonomic pen creates a better pen grip, reduces the pressure needed to write, and aids the learning process in multiple ways.
  8. Writing problems are often the result of insufficient writing techniques. Bad habits in a student’s initial instructions can hinder fluid writing later on.
  9. Learning is an individual’s quest for a solution, not the stereotypical practicing of a given solution.
  10. When learning is fun, it is successful.


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